5 Adorable Edible Flowers to Dress up Your Cake

Flowers have started blooming here in sunny San Diego which means that Spring is almost here! Gorgeous floral cakes will be popping up all over Instagram soon. Which flowers will you be using for your decorating needs? Here are 5 edible flowers that are easy-to-grow and also adorably perfect for decorating any dessert!

Before we proceed, there are two main concerns need to be addressed about edible flowers: 1. Pollen Allergies 2. Pesticides.  If you have a pollen allergy, be sure to thoroughly remove all pollen before consumption. Also, be sure to limit your consumption in order to prevent an allergic reaction.  Secondly, watch out for pesticides. When purchasing flowers at a florist or farmers market, be sure to ask them if their products have been sprayed with any repellents or any harmful chemicals. The answer will most likely be yes, and will, therefore, be unsafe for consumption. If they are unsure, take the extra precaution and do NOT consume them. Try to look for specialty stores, or simply grow them yourself!




1. Chamomile

Camomile Flower


Most people know that chamomiles are edible because of chamomile tea! The yellow center part has a mild and apple-like flavor. Other popular uses of this delicate flower include chamomile oil, chamomile liquor, and cordial. These dainty daisy-like flowers are the perfect decoration for lemon desserts and berry cakes! 

** Be careful if you have an allergy to ragweed! Chamomile may trigger that allergy. **

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2. Carnations


This well known and gorgeous flower is also edible! Their history of edible use goes back to the 17th century when the French used them to distill a liquor called Chartreuse. Its petals have a peppery flavor. Add a sense of elegance to any cake with their gorgeous contrasting tones. They can be served candied!

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3. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemums are another popular and beautiful flower that's also edible! The versatility of the chrysanthemum even makes it possible to ferment wine! All varieties of chrysanthemums are edible, and they each have unique flavors.  

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4. Sage Flowers

Sage Flower

Sage is not just for garnishing the meat dish, its flowers are also edible. Usually, sage flowers bloom in summer but herb gardeners tend to prevent the flowering by cutting back their leaves. Let them bloom, then these pretty little purple flowers will be a subtle and elegant decoration for your cake!     

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5. Sunflowers


Last but not least, sunflowers are also a great decorative flower that's safe to eat! Its seeds are nutrient and delicious, and the petals also have unique flavors often described as nutty and bittersweet. Display your cake with the cheerfulness of summer with sunflowers scattered all over!

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I hope you found some inspiring edible flowers for your next dessert. Be sure to check out our other blogs for more decorating tips!