Bachelorette Party Game Idea - "Drink If" Cupcake Game (FREE Printables)

Planning a bachelorette party is fun but also a lot of pressure. Check off one more thing on your to-do list with this fun bachelorette party drinking game! It's based on the traditional "Drink If" game but with questions relating to the bride and wedding. They're also displayed adorably on cupcakes!


Don't forget to download these free printables at the end of this article. (PDF and Cut file) 


Bachelorette Party Drinking Game Idea Drink If Free Printables


The rules are pretty straight forward, especially if you have played any kind of "Drink If" game!  Perfect for the start of the night in or pregaming before your night out. Follow these easy steps to help you prepare and play! 


What You Will Need:

  • Print out of this game (Free printables at the end)
  • Cupcakes (You can play this game without them...but it's so much better with them!)
  • Toothpicks or Paper Straw



1. Bake or buy the bride's favorite cupcakes!

2. Print out the file on card stock. If you don't have access to the card stock, print them on the thickest paper you have. Cut them and separate them. 

3. Using double-sided tape, attach a toothpick between two designs ("She Said Yes" and "Drink If....")

4. Top cupcakes with the prepared cupcake toppers and line them up on a plate or a basket!


Bachelorette Party Drinking Game Idea Drink If Free Printables



How to Play:

1. Gather everyone, and tell them to take one cupcake.

2. In the circle, take turns and read the "Drink If..." card. Everyone who applies to the "if," takes a drink or shot! 

3. Anyone who hasn't finished their drink at the end of the game has to finish it! (It's a drinking game after all!)


Guaranteed to be easy and entertaining.  Don't stress and have fun! Have a great bachelorette party :)