Color Palette Inspirations for This Spring 2020

Where do you get your color inspiration for your cake decorations? When I get stuck (which happens a lot..), I explore the world around me or find inspirational pictures online. You can also use a tool such as to generate color palettes randomly! Here are some ideas and color palettes to inspire your spring baking!


1. Get Inspired by Everyday Things/Sceneries

Color Palette Everyday Scenery Shades of Orange Beige


Color Palette Everyday Things Chic Natural Tone




2. Food Photos Are More Than Just Delicious Looking

Color Palette Food Photos Coffee Natural Pink Tone


Color Palette Food Photos Macaroons Chic Pastel Tone




3. Succulents Are Very Colorful

Color Palette Succulents Shades of Tiel


Color Palette Succulents Dark Pastel and Green




4. Embrace the Flower Power

Color Palette Flower Power Cactus Flower Fiesta


Color Palette Flower Power Spring Flower Colorful




5. Don't Forget About Fashion Snaps

Color Palette Fashion Snaps Dusty Pastel Tones




6. Abstract Art is Very Well Calculated

Color Palette Abstract Art Shades of Blues


Color Palette Abstract Art Pineapple Vivid Color


Color Palette Abstract Art Rainy Window Vintage


Color Palette Abstract Art Fire Red




7. The Last One But Not Least... Seasonal Events

Color Palette Seasonal Event Easter Eggs Colorful



I hope you were inspired by these colors! 

Happy Baking!