How to Throw a Virtual Easter Party

During this time of "social distancing," I've been having a lot of webcam sessions with my friends to stay in touch. My friends and I even did a virtual, surprise birthday session for our friend's 30th birthday. This got me thinking, how can I host more parties virtually? Can we celebrate Easter even with the Coronavirus going around? I think we can! With a good plan, anything is possible. So here's mine. 



1. Create a Facebook Event

Most of my friends use Facebook. I used it a lot while I was in college, but now I use it mostly for parties/events that I plan. I love this platform because 1.You can organize everything easily. 2. Your friends have the option to invite other friends and see who is attending. 3. You can post pictures/videos/polls to help plan your event. 


Log in to Facebook. On the blue navigation bar, click "Create" and choose "Event." 

Create Facebook Event Page Screen



2. Choose a fun Easter picture of your event!

I googled "Easter" and found lots of cute images. Having an appealing picture will create excitement for your guests when they land on your event page. 

Choose Easter Picture Screen



3. Choose your virtual meeting platform and enter your information for the party. 

I named my event:" Virtual Easter Party!" so everyone would know that we'll be celebrating online. 

I'll be celebrating with my friends on Easter Sunday  from 11am-3pm, so I entered that for "Date/Time"

For the "Location," enter the webcam platform you want to use. I chose Zoom because most of my friends are using it for work anyway, and it's been working out pretty well! You can also try Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, etc. Anything that allows multiple people to sign on at the same time should work. 



4. Enter your description and schedule. Check out my schedule below!

You can take a look at what I wrote for my description below. Again, I wanted to reinforce that we are celebrating virtually and build some excitement for my friends even though we can't see each other in person. 

Entering Description Screen



Easter Brunch

First in my schedule is having an Easter brunch. We would all make our own recipes, eat together, and catch up. I also mentioned that people could post fun recipes below if they wanted to. My friends and I love sharing ideas, so I'm excited to see what they come up with. 

Here are some interesting recipes I found, and I'm hoping to try out myself!



1. Country Living's Dogwood Punch

Easter Punch



2. Country Living's Spring Pasta with Salmon, Peas, and Dill

Spring Pasta with Salmon, Peas, and Dill



3. Fork in the Kitchen's Lemon Lavender Scones

Lemon Lavender Scone



Egg Decorating

Next in the schedule is egg decorating! This is a wonderful time for everyone to relax and get creative with some art projects. I mentioned to everyone that they can use what they have at home including markers, crayons, paints, nail polish, glitter, felt paper, and glue. They can also use real eggs or plastic ones. 

Epicurious has a wonderful article on how to prep real eggs for decorating. Check out the article - "How to Dye Easter Eggs"

Easter Eggs


I also found amazing inspirations from Good House Keeping's "60 Easy and Creative Easter Egg Ideas That Anyone Can DIY"


Easter Eggs



Easter Bingo

Third on my list is Easter bingo! I found a free printable from another blogger called "Play. Party. Plan." My plan is to send out different bingo sheets to everyone to print out after they RSVP. They can also just have it on their computer and mark it with tape if they don't have a printer. I'm also going to send out Amazon or Target e-gift cards to all my winners.

Check out "Plan. Party. Plan's" Easter Bingo Printables


Easter Bingo Games



Easter Cupcakes

My next idea is to bake Easter cupcakes together. Again, I'm letting my friends choose their own recipes. They can also bake from a box! At the end we'll all decorate them with these adorable Easter printables.


1. Easter Carrot Cupcake Toppers (FREE)

Printables Easter Carrot Cake Toppers



2. Easter White Bunny Ears Cupcake Toppers - $2.99

Printables Easter White Bunny Ears Cupcake Toppers



3. Easter Bunny Ears Cupcake Toppers- $2.99

Printables Easter Bunny Ears Cupcake Toppers



More Virtual Games

Finally, I found more Easter games that we can play virtually. Here are some ideas I found. 


1. Sketchful

 This is an online version of Pictionary. You can create a custom game with your friends! You also have the option of choosing your own words. I'm going to make mine Easter themed!


2. Funny Bunny Face's Game by Housing a Forest

This is another cute game suitable for Easter. You roll a die and draw a bunny based on what the die shows. "Housing a Forest" has the PDF available for download! My plan is to hold my camera up to the PDF and die roll as we play. 


3. Houseparty App

My friend found this app. It's a fun way to play games like trivia, "HeadsUp," or "Chips and Guac" (similar to "Card's Against Humanity") It's not really Easter related, but still a great way to play some games virtually with a group of people. 



5. Create posts to share your ideas and allow your friends to share theirs. 

You can easily get your friends to share their ideas with you by creating posts. This one says "Post Easter Games Ideas Here!" As you can see, I posted my three ideas below. If any of my friends have ideas, I'll be able to add them to our schedule. 

Create Post to Share Screen


That's it! I hope you are able to successfully plan a virtual Easter party. I'm really excited to have mine. Even though I'd rather see everyone in person, I know that we'll all have a great time. 






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