How to Make The Easiest Unicorn Cupcake in 5 Steps

I've looked around for unicorn cake designs and have always been intimidated. What if my frosting is uneven, or the horn doesn't look right? So I was really excited to find these easy to use unicorn cupcake wrappers and toppers! They are picture-perfect and impossible to mess up. Also, everyone at the party can have their own individual unicorn! 


What You Need:

1. Cupcakes (store-bought or homemade)

2. Whipped Cream, Buttercream, or Icing

3. Unicorn Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers (We used this!)

4. Food Coloring

5. Two-Toned Coupler (Optional)


Prep Time: 15-25 min (Not including the time to bake cupcake)




 1. Make or Buy Your Cupcakes! 

Easiest Unicorn Cupcake Process Picture

We found a gluten-free chocolate cake mix from Trader Joe's. You can choose your favorite cake mix or recipe, or just buy cupcakes from the store. Pour your cake mix into a cupcake pan lined with any cupcake liner (it will be covered by the unicorn wrapper after). Bake as directed and let them cool completely. 




2. Place Cupcakes in the Unicorn Wrappers

Easiest Unicorn Cupcake 1

The cupcake wrappers are made of thick card stock and are laid flat in the package. You will need to attach the ends by inserting the tabs into each slot. Then simply place your homemade or store-bought cupcakes into the wrapper!




3. Mix Food Coloring with your Topping of Choice

Easiest Unicorn Cupcake Food Coloring

We made our own whipped cream for a sugar-free option, but feel free to use your favorite topping! Any type of store-bought or homemade buttercream, icing, or whipped cream will do. If you do not have a two-toned icing coupler, simply choose your favorite color and mix it with your topping! We wanted to try using our icing coupler, so we divided our whipped cream in half. We added about 4 drops of blue food coloring gel to create a baby blue hue and about 2 drops of red food coloring gel to create a pink hue. Together, they created an adorable cotton candy look! Perfect for unicorn hair. 




4. Decorate your Cupcakes with a Two-Toned Coupler or Regular Icing Bag.

Easiest Unicorn Cupcake Swirl

In all honesty, the two-toned icing coupler was not that easy to use, but it still worked! It did get a little messy and some of the colors didn't come out evenly. You can see from the picture that it's a little choppy. Feel free to try it out, or use what you're comfortable with. You will ultimately top it off with a unicorn horn, so the imperfections will be less noticeable. 





5. Top it off with Unicorn Ears and Horns

Easiest Unicorn Cupcake

The toppers come with a pointed end which can be inserted into the middle of your cupcakes. Push it down until the ears match the unicorns' faces, and that's it! You have 12 adorable unicorn cupcakes ready for your next unicorn themed birthday party!




 What We Used  







Cheery Toppers - Your Cake Topper Store