Wedding Cake Inspirations From 5 Fun Trends in 2020

There are many wedding themes out there, and they can be confusing...
For my wedding, I simply picked a theme color, coral orange, then made decorations and cupcakes to match it. Looking back, I wish I had done a little more research for different themes. Here are 5 wedding cakes inspired from popular themes, so you don't make the same mistake that I did. Hopefully, you'll  find your  inspiration from these wedding themes and gorgeous cakes!




1. California Cool

According to Junebug Wedding, the California Cool theme in 2020 means "fresh and elegant." The perfect theme for winery weddings and beach side weddings. The colors suitable for this theme include chic and natural tones.


California Cool Theme Wedding Cake

California Cool Theme Wedding Cake

California Cool Theme Wedding Cake

Photo 1 - Cake by Dream Cakes, Photo by Indwell Weddings.
Photo 2 -  Photo by Melissa Walker Horn
Photo 3 - Cake and photo by Cake Envy


2. Boho Tropical

Boho has always been a popular wedding theme, and it seems like that won't be changing in 2020. Beach and vacation themes add more joy to the celebration! Color themes usually include a mix of vibrant colors, green, and natural hues.   


Boho Tropical Theme Wedding Cake

Boho Tropical Theme Wedding Cake

Photo 1 - Cake and Photo by Autumn Cake Design
Photo 2 - Cake by Sweet Treats by Gina Photo by Evera Tilroe




3. Tropical Opulence

Tropical Opulence aka Tropulence is a mix of Boho tropical with a touch of lux, (according to Junebug Wedding). A chic and luxurious resort feel added to the relaxed bohemian vibe. Colors frequently used for this theme are gold with something vibrant, such as red, orange, pink or yellow.


Tropical Opulence Theme Wedding Cake

Tropical Opulence Them Wedding Cake

Photo 1 - Photo from Irie Matrimony
Photo 2 - Cake and Photo by Ekat’s Couture Cakes




4. Moroccan

With this theme, your decorations can be extravagant or minimalist. It's definitely a fun theme to play around. Color often used are pale blue, maroon, gold, and green. An elegant mix of a lot of colors! 


Moroccan Wedding Cake

Moroccan Theme Wedding Cake

Cake and photo by Cake Envy




5. Bold

The bolder, the better! According to Wedding Wire, one of the big trends for 2020 is to have bold colors and statements in your wedding decorations. An exciting theme that will definitely "wow" your friends and family!


Bold Theme Wedding Cake

Bold Theme Wedding Cake
Photo 1 - Photo and Cake from Erin Gardner, The Cake Blog
Photo 2 - Photo and Cake from Buttercream Bakery

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